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Set Windows 10 VPN to not use default gateway

I’m mainly putting this here so I have an easy place to find it in the future.  Not sure what possible explanation there could be for why Microsoft would disable the ability to set this quite common option using the properties button in Windows 10. Open Powershell command (run as admin) set-vpnconnection -name “MY VPN […]

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Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

For some reason MS has hidden the windows photo viewer in Windows 10 on a fresh install and it is not available to associate with image files.  Googling the issue resulted in a number of similar complaints and different solutions. The registry fix below seems to work the best. Cut and paste the text below into […]

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Error Event 129 storeachi – Reset to device \Device\RaidPort0 was issued solution Windows 10

In a recent Windows 10 build I started receiving this error randomly on different hard drives.  I noticed the error was always happening to drives connected to a separate PCI SATA controller card and the drives connected directly to the motherboard SATA never had this error.  The issues appears to be that the PCI controller […]

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W10 Awful search

Windows 10 Search not finding apps fix

To prefix this fix with a bit of a rant;  I am not sure how Microsoft, which overall I quite like as a company, can consistently do such an awful job of their search system in Windows.  The Windows search is slow, consumes huge amounts of system resources indexing files, and rarely provides the results […]

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Solution for System.BadImageFormatException error in IIS

I was moving some web sites around and had one that was giving a System.BadImageFormatException after being moved with the ReportGenerator assembly.  After comparing the configuration between the 2 servers, the issue was that that the “Enable 32-bit Applications” had to be set to true in the advanced settings for the application pool.  This was […]

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Dell XPS 15 Trackpad issues

My second Dell XPS 15 (the original one I purchased was replaced by Dell due to a high pitch noise it kept making, which you can read about here) had an ongoing issue with the trackpad “buttons” sticking constantly.  It would sometimes work fine and other times was unusable due to the sticking issues.  I […]

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