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Trick for making inside trim measurements

  I thought I’d share a trick I often use for making inside measurements when working with trim or any other angled cuts.  I simple clamp a think piece of wood or a small square that is aligned to the inside edge and use that as a measuring point.  This is much easier than fooling […]

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Honda Civic won’t shift out of park or start

For some reason our 2006 Honda Civic was missing the entire back up light and socket on one side when we bought it used a couple years ago.  I finally got around to working on it this weekend and managed to get a socket and light installed (FYI its possible to use one from a […]

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Quick and Easy Ocean Container Electrical and Lights

A couple things that worked for me to install wiring in a sea can without having to drill holes into the metal. Cut 1/2″ plywood into 4X4″ squares and paint grey (or other matching colour) Use PL Construction adhesive (I used the “Fast Grab” version) to glue the plywood strips to the ceiling.  I matched […]

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Easy Ocean Container Shelving

I recently picked up a single use ocean container (aka sea can) for some extra storage and needed to build some shelves.  I didn’t find much information on shelving that didn’t require additional frames or welding so I thought I would post the design I used.  My neighbor across the road, Myles, came up with […]

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How to unshrink and stretch shrunken clothes

My daughter returned from a trip to Kenya this week along with some custom made clothes (rather than selling pre-made clothes they show you some fabric, take your measurements, and a few hours later have your custom made pants, shirts, etc).  Unfortunately none of the fabric they use is pre-shrunk, so after my wife carefully […]

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Quick temporary wheel dust cap

My neighbor lost the dust cap for his trailer just before he was heading out on a trip.  He tried to find a replacement cap but needed a non standard size that required a special order.  He came over to see if I had anything in my shop that might work.  The solution ended up […]

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