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W10 Awful search

Windows 10 Search not finding apps fix

To prefix this fix with a bit of a rant;  I am not sure how Microsoft, which overall I quite like as a company, can consistently do such an awful job of their search system in Windows.  The Windows search is slow, consumes huge amounts of system resources indexing files, and rarely provides the results […]

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$5 Dollar 5 minute DIY rear projection screen

I recently wanted to setup a rear projection screen for a family event and almost fell off my chair when I priced out what it would cost to purchase one.  After some googling I saw some posting where people had used sheets or something else that is semi-transparent, so I thought I would give that a […]

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Honda Civic Won’t shift into Park (2006 model year)

My niece’s 2006 Honda Civic had an odd problem where it would randomly not shift into park.  Sometimes wiggling the shifter around would allow it to work, but the issue occurred periodically for almost a year.  My brother spend considerable time trying to resolve the issue, checking the shift solenoid and linkage.  Eventually we looked […]

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Dell XPS15 Choke Noise High Pitch Whine Potential Solutions

As a bit of background, In Sept 2014 I purchased a Dell XPS15 with an I7 processor.  It took almost a month to arrive, and when it finally did I noticed a high pitch whining noise coming from it periodically.  Originally I thought it was some type of hard drive noise, but narrowed it down […]

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Fix Acura MDX broken tailgate wiring and lock issues

The tailgate lock on our 2001 Acura MDX recently started working intermittently.  Sometimes it wouldn’t lock and other times it would stay locked and there was no way to open the back other than crawling into the back and using the manual unlock lever found in the little hole at the bottom center of the […]

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Skype cannot log in due to disk I/O error Windows 8.1 solution

I recently received an error that Skype could not log in due to a disk I/O error using Windows 8.1.  I found this odd since there had been no previous errors with Skype or dirty shutdowns or reboots of the computer. I tried restarting my computer and following the instructions at which did NOT […]

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