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Error Event 129 storeachi – Reset to device \Device\RaidPort0 was issued solution Windows 10

In a recent Windows 10 build I started receiving this error randomly on different hard drives.  I noticed the error was always happening to drives connected to a separate PCI SATA controller card and the drives connected directly to the motherboard SATA never had this error.  The issues appears to be that the PCI controller […]

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W10 Awful search

Windows 10 Search not finding apps fix

To prefix this fix with a bit of a rant;  I am not sure how Microsoft, which overall I quite like as a company, can consistently do such an awful job of their search system in Windows.  The Windows search is slow, consumes huge amounts of system resources indexing files, and rarely provides the results […]

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Honda Civic Won’t shift into Park (2006 model year)

My niece’s 2006 Honda Civic had an odd problem where it would randomly not shift into park.  Sometimes wiggling the shifter around would allow it to work, but the issue occurred periodically for almost a year.  My brother spend considerable time trying to resolve the issue, checking the shift solenoid and linkage.  Eventually we looked […]

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template error

MS Office 2013 Word Excel Something went wrong while downloading your template solution

One of my computers (which runs Windows 8.1) started giving an error of “Something went wrong while downloading your template.” in all of my MS office 2013 programs (word, excel, powerpoint, etc).  Some internet searching revealed similar issues with other users but no solution.  I eventually got rid of the error so I though I’d […]

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Skype cannot log in due to disk I/O error Windows 8.1 solution

I recently received an error that Skype could not log in due to a disk I/O error using Windows 8.1.  I found this odd since there had been no previous errors with Skype or dirty shutdowns or reboots of the computer. I tried restarting my computer and following the instructions at which did NOT […]

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