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Nvidia multiple displays crashing in Windows 8 or after Windows 8.1 Upgrade Solution

I recently upgraded my main workstation to Windows 8.1 and shortly afterwards my computer started locking up and blue screening.   I traced the issue to new Nvidia drivers that were installed automatically during the Windows 8.1 upgrade (Drivers  I tried rolling back to the Nvidia 327.23 drivers and the 320.18 drivers  from earlier this […]

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Red Mulch Tomato Experiment

This spring I picked up some red mulch plastic for use under my tomato plants.  The claim is that the red mulch reflects a spectrum of light that helps tomatoes grow.  I was skeptical, but since the claim was being made by Lee Valley, which in the past has never steered me wrong, I thought […]

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How to unshrink and stretch shrunken clothes

My daughter returned from a trip to Kenya this week along with some custom made clothes (rather than selling pre-made clothes they show you some fabric, take your measurements, and a few hours later have your custom made pants, shirts, etc).  Unfortunately none of the fabric they use is pre-shrunk, so after my wife carefully […]

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