Windows 10 Monitor Power Save/Screen Saver and Computer Sleep modes stop working after upgrade

I recently upgraded my main workstation from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  The initial upgrade had a number of issues; one of which was my monitors would never shut off and go into power saving mode/screen saver and the computer would no longer go to sleep.  This had been working 100% prior to the Windows 10 upgrade.  I tried making a bunch of changes to my power options and sometimes the monitor power saving mode would work for a half day and then would stop working again.  I tried upgrading my Nvidia video driver (which actually broke more things that it fixed and I had to roll back).  Eventually I performed the 2 steps below, which has resolved the issue with my monitor sleep modes.  I am not sure which step fixed the problem, or if both are required, but I thought I would share this in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues:

Step 1:  Open your power options, go into Edit Plan Settings->Change Advanced power settings and then select the “Restore Plan Defaults”:


Step 2: Open a command prompt in Admin mode and run the

Powercfg – requests

command.  This will show you what drivers are preventing the power settings from initiating sleep.  If you see a driver listed that is causing an issue you can override its ability to prevent sleep with the command

Powercfg -requestsoverride driver “put driver name here” system

for a system sleep issue or

Powercfg -requestsoverride driver “put driver name here” display

for a display sleep issue

In my case there was an audio driver that was preventing sleep mode.


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