Honda Civic won’t shift out of park or start

For some reason our 2006 Honda Civic was missing the entire back up light and socket on one side when we bought it used a couple years ago.  I finally got around to working on it this weekend and managed to get a socket and light installed (FYI its possible to use one from a ’96 Chrysler).  After I got everything put together I went to try it out and much to my dismay the car would not shift out of park or start.  I was quite sure it must be a fuse issue from something grounded out while installing the light, since I had to splice some wires to fit the new socket, but the symptoms seemed a bit extreme for a simple short.

I eventually found the culprit, which was a 7.5 fuse labelled “METER” that is located in the fuse bank under the dash.  I’ve put a picture of it below if anyone else ever runs into a similar issue.


If you are having issues getting your Honda to shift INTO park.  Please check out my other post with an issue my brother had with his daughter’s Civic.

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