Quick and Easy Ocean Container Electrical and Lights

A couple things that worked for me to install wiring in a sea can without having to drill holes into the metal.

  • Cut 1/2″ plywood into 4X4″ squares and paint grey (or other matching colour)
  • Use PL Construction adhesive (I used the “Fast Grab” version) to glue the plywood strips to the ceiling.  I matched the spacing to the integrated hooks so the lights would line up with the chains used for shelving …see post http://roger.dilsner.com/easy-ocean-container-shelving/
  • Leave the glue set for around 4 hours and you are ready to attach any fixtures using standard wood screws into the wood pads.
  • I used grey 1/2″ conduit components and simply ran the wires through them.
  • For a light switch or plug cut the plywood to a matching size.

wire2 wire3 wire4 wire1

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