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Errors with Sharepoint Public Website Content Migration App

I recently performed a migration of an Office 365 site to the upgraded Sharepoint 2013 format using the Public Website Content Migration App.  I had a number of issues; so I thought I’d post the solutions.

The first issue I ran into is when running the app I received an error message of:

“Server Error in ‘/publicsites/migrationapp’ Application running the public site content migration”

I thought this might be an issue with the app so I tried removing it and re-installing it at which point I received an error of:

“Sorry, you don’t have access to this page  trying to install app or trust app.”

I was logged in as a global administrator, so this access error made no sense.   The root cause of the issue is I had installed the app and then didn’t finish the process during the same session.  In order to resume the process I had to uninstall the app from BOTH the new and old SharePoint public sites.  Once they had both been removed I was able to reinstall the app from the SharePoint store and both of the error messages disappeared and the upgrade completed without any issues.

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