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Canadian Sprinkler Pricing Rip Off

In a departure from my usual informational blog postings I’m posting 2 pictures of identical sprinklers taken at Home Depot in Canada and Home Depot in the United States in Billings Montana (less than 5 hours south of the Canadian border).  You will note that the pricing of the sprinklers is roughly DOUBLE in Canada.   The super lame excuse that companies use to justify higher prices in Canada is that “it costs more to print special packaging in French”;  you will note that the packaging in the US and Canada is identical with all three North American “official” languages of English, Spanish, and French included.  So the packaging is the same.  I find it pretty hard to believe that 5 extra hours of shipping costs are going to double or triple the costs of the sprinklers.  This is not limited to the Rainbird pictures below, Orbit  and most of the other sprinklers parts I’ve checked in the US and Canada share this 100% difference between the 2 countries.  Below is also a screenshot of Orbit pricing for the exact same sprinkler on the CAN and US web sites.  I guess they do it because they can get away with it.  Needless to say I haven’t purchased a sprinkler component in Canada for many year, I always pick them up in the US at half price or less.  It really is shameful for the Canadian divisions of these companies to be getting away with this type of pricing practices.

rainbird sprinkler

rainbird controller

CAN Price Orbit Voyager II

US Price Orbit Voyager II

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