Quick and Easy Ocean Container Electrical and Lights

A couple things that worked for me to install wiring in a sea can without having to drill holes into the metal. Cut 1/2″ plywood into 4X4″ squares and paint grey (or other matching colour) Use PL Construction adhesive (I used the “Fast Grab” version) to glue the plywood strips to the ceiling.  I matched […]

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Easy Ocean Container Shelving

I recently picked up a single use ocean container (aka sea can) for some extra storage and needed to build some shelves.  I didn’t find much information on shelving that didn’t require additional frames or welding so I thought I would post the design I used.  My neighbor across the road, Myles, came up with […]

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How to unshrink and stretch shrunken clothes

My daughter returned from a trip to Kenya this week along with some custom made clothes (rather than selling pre-made clothes they show you some fabric, take your measurements, and a few hours later have your custom made pants, shirts, etc).  Unfortunately none of the fabric they use is pre-shrunk, so after my wife carefully […]

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Quick temporary wheel dust cap

My neighbor lost the dust cap for his trailer just before he was heading out on a trip.  He tried to find a replacement cap but needed a non standard size that required a special order.  He came over to see if I had anything in my shop that might work.  The solution ended up […]

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Easy and Inexpensive Deer Fence

I live in a rural area that has a very high deer population.  Anything in a garden area that is not fenced in is quickly be eaten by the neighborhood deer.  I created a new garden area last year and decided to try an inexpensive deer fence sold by Lee Valley (one of my favorite […]

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Sous Vide Roast Sliced Pork Chops

One of my sous vide favorites is cooking a pork roast and then slicing the roast to make pork chops: Cook a lean pork roast (i usually use a large pork loin cut in half) in the water oven for 142F for 6+ hours (142F is a bit rarer than I like more pork, but […]

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Surface Pro onscreen keyboard not working at login

I had the most bizarre problem with my Surface Pro.  The on screen keyboard would often not activate at the login screen and the attached keyboard would lock itself into a mode where it thought the windows key was stuck.  This resulted in windows accessibility “features” popping up at the login screen instead of being […]

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