How to unshrink and stretch shrunken clothes

My daughter returned from a trip to Kenya this week along with some custom made clothes (rather than selling pre-made clothes they show you some fabric, take your measurements, and a few hours later have your custom made pants, shirts, etc).  Unfortunately none of the fabric they use is pre-shrunk, so after my wife carefully […]

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Quick temporary wheel dust cap

My neighbor lost the dust cap for his trailer just before he was heading out on a trip.  He tried to find a replacement cap but needed a non standard size that required a special order.  He came over to see if I had anything in my shop that might work.  The solution ended up […]

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Easy and Inexpensive Deer Fence

I live in a rural area that has a very high deer population.  Anything in a garden area that is not fenced in is quickly be eaten by the neighborhood deer.  I created a new garden area last year and decided to try an inexpensive deer fence sold by Lee Valley (one of my favorite […]

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Sous Vide Roast Sliced Pork Chops

One of my sous vide favorites is cooking a pork roast and then slicing the roast to make pork chops: Cook a lean pork roast (i usually use a large pork loin cut in half) in the water oven for 142F for 6+ hours (142F is a bit rarer than I like more pork, but […]

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Surface Pro onscreen keyboard not working at login

I had the most bizarre problem with my Surface Pro.  The on screen keyboard would often not activate at the login screen and the attached keyboard would lock itself into a mode where it thought the windows key was stuck.  This resulted in windows accessibility “features” popping up at the login screen instead of being […]

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Favorite Sous Vide Roast

NOTE:  Updated 4/1/2014 with longer cooking times for better results. I have experimented with a variety of different cuts of beef in my sous vide water oven.  My family’s favorite “cheap cut” of beef is an inner round roast that is finished in the oven, which comes out with a very similar consistency to tenderloin.  […]

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