Dell XPS 15 Trackpad issues

My second Dell XPS 15 (the original one I purchased was replaced by Dell due to a high pitch noise it kept making, which you can read about here) had an ongoing issue with the trackpad “buttons” sticking constantly.  It would sometimes work fine and other times was unusable due to the sticking issues.  I […]

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Quick Homemade potatoe digger

We had an excellent crop of potatoes this year and I wanted to find a way to dig them using my little tractor instead of tackling them by hand.  I ended up welding some metal rebar to a 16″ cultivator shovel top help lift the potatoes to the surface, and then mounting it onto the […]

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Honda Civic Won’t shift into Park (2006 model year)

My niece’s 2006 Honda Civic had an odd problem where it would randomly not shift into park.  Sometimes wiggling the shifter around would allow it to work, but the issue occurred periodically for almost a year.  My brother spend considerable time trying to resolve the issue, checking the shift solenoid and linkage.  Eventually we looked […]

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IIS System.BadImageFormatException solution

I recently received a an error deploying a new IIS site of: “System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly ” or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.” This is caused by one or more DLLs in the project being 32-bit and trying to deploy to […]

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ASUS P9X79 USB 3.0 keeps crashing solution

I have had two motherboards (Asus P9x79 LX and P9X79 PRO) that have both had issues with their USB 3 ports either not working or crashing continuously in both Windows 8 and 8.1.  Re-installing the ASMedia USB3 drivers would show the ports working but as soon as a device was plugged in the ports would […]

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Publisher clipboard in busy error

MS Publisher The Clipboard is busy solution

Often when using Microsoft Publisher 2013 I receive an error of “the Clipboard is busy.  Publisher cannot currently cut, copy or paste your data because another program is using the Clipboard.  Wait a moment and try again, or close other programs and try again”.  Typically waiting and closing other programs does absolutely nothing.  The issue […]

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