rainbird sprinkler

Canadian Sprinkler Pricing Rip Off

In a departure from my usual informational blog postings I’m posting 2 pictures of identical sprinklers taken at Home Depot in Canada and Home Depot in the United States in Billings Montana (less than 5 hours south of the Canadian border).  You will note that the pricing of the sprinklers is roughly DOUBLE in Canada. […]

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Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin

There is nothing that will get a tenderloin cooked with perfect edge to edge consistency like a sous vide water oven (expect perhaps a commercial combi-oven).  The quest for the perfect tenderloin was the original reason I bought a water oven, although now it is one of the most used appliances in our house. Vacuum […]

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prezi visio export

How to export to Prezi from Visio, PowerPoint, and Illustrator

When I first started using Prezi I struggled with the best way to get zoomable graphics that didn’t pixelate and become fuzzy.  After quite a bit of trail and error I managed to get reasonably good graphic exports from most programs while keeping vector based images and transparent backgrounds.  Here’s what worked for me: PowerPoint: […]

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template error

MS Office 2013 Word Excel Something went wrong while downloading your template solution

One of my computers (which runs Windows 8.1) started giving an error of “Something went wrong while downloading your template.” in all of my MS office 2013 programs (word, excel, powerpoint, etc).  Some internet searching revealed similar issues with other users but no solution.  I eventually got rid of the error so I though I’d […]

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